The Audi Allroad is a sweet concept. It's a luxurious Audi Wagon that turns into a capable off-roader at the push of a button. The problem is that it only comes at Audi prices. However, VW just announced that they are releasing a diesel powered Passat Alltrack, which is basically the same thing as the Allroad for less money. Sadly, this is yet one more great VeeDub that won't be coming to the US.

Our questions is: If VW America want's to reach their lofty sales goals, why won't they let us buy any interesting products? Don't they realize that people ask their "car guy" friend when they buy a new vehicle? If "car guy" doesn't have any interest in the brand he won't recommend it. Come on VW, give us this and the Scirocco and we'll shut up.

[via VW]