Now that the NBA lockout is over, we can return to our regularly scheduled NBA programming. And part of that programming includes a bunch of reporters following Dwight Howard around for the next seven months and asking him, "Will you resign with the Magic after this season?" Or, will it?

According to league sources, the Nets are reportedly preparing to make the Magic a huge trade offer sometime over the course of the next couple of weeks. The trade would call for the Nets to send Brook Lopez, a couple of first-round picks, and a couple of smaller contracts to Orlando in exchange for Howard, the massive Hedo Turkoglu contract, and, well, whatever else the Magic want to throw in to make it work. The Nets would then pair Howard with Deron Williams, a move that would instantly make them a playoff contender.

Sound crazy? Eh, that's because it is. We can't see the Magic pulling the trigger on this one—unless Howard has made it crystal-clear to management that he won't resign with the team next offseason. Otherwise, we see him staying put. And having to answer the question "Will you resign with the Magic after this season?" approximately 5,678,912,346 more times this season. Fun!

[via ESPN]

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