Well, we have to admit that we didn't see this coming. A few weeks ago, we told you about how a group of Detroit Lions fans had started an online petition to try and stop Nickelback from making a scheduled performance during halftime of the Packers/Lions game on Thanksgiving. And despite the fact that more than 50,000 people signed the petition, the show will go on this Thursday when the band takes the stage in the D. But this clip should make a few fans out there feel a little better about it.

In the video, the foursome poke fun at themselves, dress up like a bunch of jackasses, and basically make themselves the butt of the joke in order to try and get Detroit to lighten up a little. It's not gonna make any of us run out and buy a Nickelback album or anything. But it does get some props from us. Way to make fun of yourselves, fellas. Hey, if everybody else is doing it, you may as well join in, right?

[via Funny Or Die]

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