For those who don't enjoy staring at advertisements across soccer team jerseys, we have some bad news for you. Mexican First Division soccer squad Los Jaguares de Chiapas has decided to supplant player names on the backs of jerseys and put both the player Twitter handles as well as the team's handle in an effort to strengthen their fan base. 

Though not as extreme as this, the MLS has also fully embraced the social media platform by actually linking directly to players' Twitter accounts right on the team's roster pages. They too believe that the more access fans have to players, the bigger the brand can grow and develop. We're right there with the MLS on this one, but Los Jaguares might have taken it a bit too far. For new fans who are attending the games, how are they supposed to learn the actual names of the people they are rooting for? Go @JacksonM9!? We're not really feelin' it (besides, that dude literally has two tweets). Fans should be paying attention to the footwork, not getting out their glasses so they can read what's on a jersey. 

[via Los That Sports Blog]