Joe Namath has been critical of Jets coach Rex Ryan in the past. So it should come as no surprise to hear that he just took yet another shot at Ryan. However, what is surprising is that he didn't criticize Ryan's coaching skills, his schemes, or even his approach to his press conferences this season. Rather, he noticed that Ryan was wearing his No. 12 jersey recently and made a fat joke about it.

"I'm just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 comes in that size," Namath joked during a recent radio interview.

Somewhat surprisingly, Ryan caught wind of the comment and didn't take a shot of his own. "Shoot, hey, it doesn't matter," he said. "I'm still a huge Joe Namath fan."

To which Broadway Joe responded: "Why, yes, you are a HUGE Joe Namath fan!"

Ha, ha, haaaaaaa! Just kidding. But we bet that's what Namath was thinking. [via Pro Football Zone]

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