It's November 15—not exactly the ideal time to be posting up a picture of someone's Halloween costume. Yet, the whole world seemed to sleep on Jimmer Fredette's get-up this year (maybe because we were all so caught up on the costume that Raffi Torres wore?) and holy shit was that a mistake! Check out these flicks and you'll see that your man dressed as a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians on October 31 with his girlfriend playing the role of Cruella de Vil.

Let that sink in. And then think about just how much shit he's gonna take for doing this once the NBA lockout is over and he gets his pro career off the ground. And the best part of all of this? As a few sites out there have already pointed out, Fredette doesn't drink. So he did this sober. Wow. Expect to see these pics of him used on every Fredette post we do from now until...well, next Halloween. Thanks for the ammo, kid.

[via The Big Lead]