5. How A Tire Works

How To: For removing and installing tires, it helps to understand what's going on in there and how a tire works. We're going to assume that like most bikes, yours has a traditional clincher type rim and tire. If you're running a sew-up or tubeless setup, we'll assume you know how to change a flat and we won't cover those types of setups here. On the edge of a normal "clincher" rim, there is a little lip that runs the whole way around on both sides. On the edge of the tire, you'll find the tire's "bead."

When you inflate a tube, it stretches and expands to push the tire's bead under the rim's lip. This creates a lock between the tire and tube. The more pressure you put in the tube, the harder it presses the bead under the lip. In this way, some tires can hold more than 100 pounds of pressure without blowing off the rim.