Look, we understand why Las Vegas oddsmakers have made the Miami Heat a 2-1 favorite to win the 2012 NBA Championship. They have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh! So, of course, they should be the favorites. Er, right?

Not so fast. They've got the talent, but what makes the guys in Vegas think they've got a better shot than the Bulls (6-1 odds), the Lakers (7-1 odds), and the Thunder (9-2 odds)? Hell, what makes them think they've got a better chance than the Mavericks, last year's champs, who are sitting even with Oklahoma City at 7-1 odds? We understand how the betting game works—casual fans will bet the Heat this year, so Vegas can't give out odds that are too good, lest Miami win and rob the place blind—but do the Heat really deserve all the respect they're getting from Vegas? Shouldn't they be 3-1 or 4-1 odds? Shouldn't their epic collapse against Dallas last season hurt them?

Well, we'll find out sooner than later. But we're not running to put our paychecks on the Heat just yet. At least, not until we see LBJ play in his first meaningful fourth quarter since June. Then we'll see if the Heat really deserve to be the favorite or not.

[via USA Today]

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