Today should have been a payday for all 400-plus NBA players. But, of course, because of the NBA lockout, they're not getting paid. Instead, they've decided to sacrifice money now in the hopes of getting a better deal in the future. That sounds well and good...until you consider exactly how much money some NBA players are losing today. Business Insider just published a list of how much dough the NBA's highest-paid players lost today as a result of the lockout. Check 'em out...

Joe Johnson: $751,606

Amar'e Stoudemire: $759,070

Carmelo Anthony: $771,665

Pau Gasol: $779,755

Dirk Nowitzki: $795,535

Gilbert Arenas: $802,886

Kevin Garnett: $883,332

Tim Duncan: $887,499

Rashard Lewis: $922,998

Kobe Bryant: $1,051,832

And you thought you were having a bad day, huh?

[via Business Insider]