1. Greg Norman

Ride: "Aussie Rules" yacht, 2003
Complex Says: Ranked as the world's No. 1 golfer for more than 300 weeks, Greg Norman put the spoils of his winning streak on blast with this $70 million yacht, named “Aussie Rules.” The yacht holds diving gear for 30 people as well as a decompression chamber. A Nitrox mixing panel was also on board to properly mix gases for almost any type of dive. Smaller boats for fishing expeditions were also kept on board, along with a rescue boat and four WaveRunners. Also found on “Aussie Rules” is a home theater, dining room, and Jacuzzi. The company that built the massive watercraft sold it to the elite golfer “at cost” in the hopes that his ownership would translate to profitable PR. Unfortunately, the company ended up losing money. Mr. Norman, however, enjoyed the boat just fine.