From Reggie Bush to Miles Austin to her latest conquest, Kris Humphries, there's no denying that Kim Kardashian has a thing for pro athletes. So much so, in fact, that the betting website BoDog sent their members a series of new prop bets yesterday that allow them to gamble on whether or not they think she will choose yet another athlete when she starts dating again. The odds for her actually dating an athlete are pretty low—1/2, which means you'll have to lay $100 to win $50 if you're not familiar with the way odds work—compared to her dating a professional actor (2/1) or a professional musician (3/1). But, you can also bet what sport Kim's future boy toy will play, too. From football (1/2) and basketball (7/2) to tennis (20/1) and hockey (25/1), there are a handful of sports available. Strangely, you can also bet whether you think Kim will date Tigers Woods, Ashton Kutcher, or Jessie James at any point during 2011 or 2012 at 20/1 odds (no, that's not a joke!).

Betting on Kim's boyfriends? Yes, this is where we're at as a nation, folks. But, hey, if you've gotta sit through five million stories about her anyway, you may as well try to make a little coin off it. [via Hot Clicks]

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