Okay, so we're pretty sure he was just kidding—in fact, we seriously hope he was just kidding—but Delonte West presented a pretty interesting idea on his Twitter account last night. Thrown out in the middle of stream of random thoughts, D-West insinuated that he had sat down with reps from Nike recently and that he had tried to talk the Swoosh into creating a line of athlete-endorsed condoms.

"Told um they should endorse a Nike condom," he tweeted, "and have high profile athletes to endorse it."

Crazy as hell—or so-crazy-that-it-might-just work? Eh, we'll let you decide. But, we don't see Nike cosigning a LeBron James-endorsed condom anytime in the near future. Either way, we learned one very valuable lesson from D-West's idea: That you absolutely must follow dude on Twitter. Like, now. So, WTF are you waiting for? Go hit "Follow."

[via Twitter]

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