32. Indianapolis Colts

Last Week's Rank: 32
Record: 0 - 8
This Week: L @ Titans, 10-27
Up Next: vs. Falcons, 1:00 Sunday
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Colts fans, don't you feel sorry for the rest of the league? While partisans of every team from the Packers to the Dolphins have to sit through three hours of football on Sunday (and sometimes those games are close, which can be really nerve-racking!), you get to contemplate the really heady topics of our football times. "Do we draft a quarterback of the future when we've still got a Hall of Famer on the roster?" "Do we keep a successful coach whose team has pretty clearly laid down for him already?" And what about "Do we really have to be nice to those fucking Massholes if the Pats make the Super Bowl?" You see? Y'all got it gooooood! —Jack Erwin