16. Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week's Rank: 21
Record: 4 - 6
This Week: W @ Giants, 17-10
Up Next: vs. Patriots, 4:15 Sunday
Trending: Up

Sorry, Eagles fans. But we're not ready to buy tickets to the bandwagon again JUST yet. You're better off than you were last week, but you're still 4-6 and you're still a longshot to make the playoffs. Oh, and you've got Tom Brady and the Pats coming to town. So we'll get to see whether it was your defense or the ineptitude of the Giants' offense that led to you looking so good on D last weekend. After looking at your body of work, all signs point to the latter. So if you want us to take you seriously, it's time to show and prove on Sunday afternoon.—Chris Yuscavage