Now that the NBA lockout has essentially guaranteed that at least half of the NBA season is going to be cancelled, if not more, players are starting to commit to other things. For most guys, that means going overseas to play. But most guys aren't Baron Davis. BD, who now plays for the Cavalier—just in case you lost track of his career—is instead planning to film a documentary called American Schlub, a flick about the decline of men's fashion in America.

"We used to be fashion forward," he told the Wall Street Journal recently. "[Now] we're more of a sweats and Ugg boots type of society. We wanted to challenge men, from that perspective."

Aiiiiiiight. We can't say that we've seen a ton of dudes running around in Uggs lately. But we see your point. And we think filming this is probably a better idea than signing a deal to play out in West Bumblefuck this winter where Uggs would be more of a necessity than a fashion statement. Good luck getting this off the ground.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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