The people of Wisconsin sure love there football, don't they? Proof positive of that: Aaron Rodgers is more popular than just about every person ever, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln and Jesus, in the Badger State. A remarkable 89 percent of people in Wisconsin look favorably upon Rodgers. That's higher than Steve Jobs (62 percent), Gandhi (64 percent), Santa Claus (67 percent), Martin Luther King, Jr. (74 percent), Mother Teresa (83 percent), and George Washington (86 percent). Which leads us to ask: Wait, 33 percent of Wisconsin residents don't look favorably upon...Santa Claus?!?

But, back to the point, the only two people who rank higher on the list than Rodgers are Lincoln (91 percent) and Jesus (90 percent). And those two were only added to try and put Rodgers and his ranking into some sort of perspective after the initial poll was conducted. All of that being said, we guess it's probably safe to say that this guy won't have to buy himself a beer in the state of Wisconsin anytime soon, eh?

[via Shutdown Corner]

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