Yesterday, we put up a post about a college basketball player named Griffin Lentsch who scored 89 points for Grinnell College in a game over the weekend. In the post, we openly wondered how in the hell he managed to do it. We found our answer in a very unlikely place.

'Plex music blogger Anthony "ILLIONAIRE" Osei subscribes to a YouTube channel that's normally focused on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team videos. However, in the middle of one of the videos he was watching last night, the host started talking about the Grinnell game and the player who scored 89 points. Turns out, the guy who runs the channel is Jack Adams, a forward for Grinnell, who revealed that the Grinnell team as a whole had a very pointed plan before Lentsch's big game. And that plan basically included allowing Lentsch to score as many points as possible.

"We do a thing called 'The System,'" Adams explains in the clip. "This weekend, the point of the system was to get one of my teammates a ton of points and he actually scored 89 points in a game...It was insane."

Hmmm...So, the game plan was basically, "Go out and let Griffin shoot the ball as many times as he wants"? We're not sure if that makes his accomplishment more or less amazing. But, hey, it's still pretty crazy. And, for the record, "The System" sounds awesome. Can we run with you guys sometime?

[via YouTube]