First off, how bad is Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman's mug shot from last night? Probably bad enough to shoot directly to the top of our list of the funniest athlete mugshots of all time, right? Except the reason behind his mug shot is no laughing matter.

Last night, Edelman got booked on indecent assault and battery charges at a bar in the Boston area after he allegedly reached underneath a woman's Halloween costume against her will and grabbed her below the waist. A man who was with the woman at the bar claims he "saw the victim's face change into an expression of shock" when Edelman allegedly touched her. And upon seeing the alleged assault go down, the man threatened to give Edelman a beating, which got him, Edelman, and the woman kicked out of the place.

So far, Pats coach Bill Belichick has refused to comment and Edelman has been released from jail on bail. But after all of the headlines that Rob Gronkowski made in recent weeks thanks to his ties to porn star Bibi Jones, we have to believe that we haven't heard the last of this and that the Pats will take some sort of action against Edelman for, at the very least, using poor judgment. But for the time being, we'll just sit back and admire the horrible mug shot that Edelman has produced. Who the hell were you supposed to be for Halloween, dude—Nick Nolte?! [via NESN]