4. Barry Sanders

Sport: Football
Retirement Age (Career): 30 (1989-1998)
Until Detroit started winning this season, Barry Sanders was really the only thing Lions fans have had to cheer about over the last two decades. At the time of his announcement, Barry was 1,500 yards shy of Walter Payton and made the Pro Bowl every year during his ten seasons. Part of the reason why Sanders called it quits at 31 was the Detroit Lions consistently sucking and the terrible front office refusing to do anything about it while he was climbing up the record books. In a letter he faxed to the Lions front office announcing his retirement, Barry stated, "The reason I am retiring is very simple. My desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it." In other words, "Y'all bitches suck and I'm wasting my time here." It's so cold in the D...