Typically, if two race car drivers are being featured in a story together, it's because they attacked one another either before, during, or after a race. That's not the case here. Last weekend, 27-year-old stock car driver Kip Hughes looked on while his fellow driver Terry Muskrat crashed his car at the Stock Car Nationals in Oklahoma and got trapped inside as it caught fire. But rather than sit back and let the track's emergency personnel take care of it, he took matters into his own hands by running up to the overturned car, ripping the netting from Muskratt's window, and carrying the driver out to safety. Crazy, crazy shit.

Oh, and as if you needed another reason to watch this clip, the track's announcer also did a completely insane play-by-play of the entire event as the terrified crowd looked on in horror. This almost—we said almost—makes us want to hit the race track this weekend. Well done, Kip. [via Off the Bench]