Hold up: Not one, but two hockey-related stories this morning? Yessir! If you missed it earlier, we had a post about Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres dressing up in blackface as Jay-Z over the weekend. But this hockey story might be even crazier.

Last Thursday night, the Philadelphia Flyers lost to the Winnipeg Jets 9-8 in one of the most highly-entertaining NHL games of the season. After the game, Philly fans were obviously a little ticked that their team had lost (we know—GASP!) and that anger spilled over into the subway where a fight between a couple of drunk guys ensued. The classic mass transit fight involved lots of asscrack, a whole bunch of NSFW language, and one of the two participants getting stuffed into a trash can.

So, yeah. Awesome! Turn your work speakers down and enjoy. [via Guyism]