Jose "Junior" Aldo vs Kenny "KenFlo" Florian

Better Nickname Floetry. The Flowbee. "Flow Joe." "Let the Funk Flow." Co Flow. The only way Aldo could win this is if his nickname was short for Junior's Cheesecake. KenFlo wins.

Inside Scoop, @josealdojunior Some experts argue that Aldo, the featherweight champ, is the best fighter (pound-for-pound) in the knuckle game. His jiu-jitsu is proper but he never uses it because he's been so successful with the strikes.

Inside Scoop, @kennyflorian Kenflo is well-rounded. He can win by knock out or submission. His only losses have come at the gloves of top level guys. This is his second match at featherweight since moving down from lightweight. He won his first. This is also his second title fight. He lost a match for the lightweight belt to BJ Penn. A victory here would be major redemption.

Prediction Junior. Florian hasn't been knocked out since Hurricane Katrina made landfall, but Junior hasn't lost since Kuwaiti women earned the right to vote. Aldo's too fast and too strong. He slows Florian with leg kicks and finishes him with the fists by TKO.