Chael Sonnen vs "All American" Brian Stann

Comedic Backstory Since last year, Sonnen's life has gone something like this: He broke a mirror then walked under a ladder before stopping to let a black cat saunter by. Translation: He lost a title fight to Anderson Silva in the last round. Then he tested positive for elevated testosterone which he blamed on Hypogonadism medication. After that, he was forced to plead guilty to money laundering for his involvement in a mortgage fraud.

After a year on the sidelines, Sonnen was reinstated and the UFC throws him in with a hard-hitting upstart who happens to be a decorated Iraq War veteran. Yikes. This guy must have barbequed a cow in a previous life.

Inside Scoop, @sonnench This dude has one of the biggest mouths in the game and he uses it. When he's not hating on Anderson Silva he's bad-mouthing the Spider. It's an obsession. However, his wrestling is legit and he can take a punch.

Inside Scoop, @brianstann Since moving from light heavyweight to middleweight, Stann has racked up three straight wins: two by knock-out and one by submission. Sonnen is his biggest test to date.

Prediction Stann. The best thing to happen to Sonnen in recent history is a $10,000 fine so he's got nowhere to go but up. Unfortunately, getting knocked out by Stann is up, and that's what's going to happen. Stann avoids the takedowns and rocks Sonnen to sleep with fisticuffs.