Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia vs Nam Phan

Better Nickname Bad Boy... really, Leonard? Then how do you explain getting caught in the UFC's first twister submission? Besides, as Anders said on Workaholics, that's disrespectful to the rap game. Biggie RIP. Phan wins; by subtraction.

Inside Scoop, @badboygarcia He hasn't looked good in his last six (2-3-1). He's got heart. He's a scrapper but the only person he's beaten lately is Nam Phan...

Inside Scoop, @namphanmma Not sure if it's bad luck or an inability to seize an opportunity but Phan hasn't been able to pull out the big fights. With a record of 16-9, another loss would raise questions about his future with the UFC.

Prediction Phan. Many say Phan was robbed in their first match but Garcia has a lot to prove too. Either it's a laser show or someone gets submitted. A decision benefits neither fighter. Garcia's never been knocked out. Since Phan's jaw is soft like a week-old clementine, he takes Garcia to the ground and taps him with a submission.