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America's thirst for Tim Tebow is very, very real right now. Turn on ESPN for more than five minutes at any point today and we can pretty much guarantee that you'll have to sit through four-and-a-half minutes of talk about Tebow. In fact, the thirst for TT is so real right now that someone out there has taken it upon themselves to put a pair of the Broncos quarterback's game-worn pants, hand warmer, and towel up on eBay for the low, low price of just....$5000! They were worn during a November 2010 game against the Chiefs last season in which Tebow threw the first complete pass and the first touchdown pass of his career on the same play.

"Throughout the pants, there are multiple hit marks, stains, and tears," reads the auction's description. "Truly a great piece for any Broncos or Tim Tebow fan."

Um, riiiiiiight. Five stacks to get into Tim Tebow's pants. What a steal! Stay thirsty, America. [via Hot Clicks]