24. The Sweets Truck

Cuisine: Dessert
Frequented Locations: Downtown, West Hollywood, Culver City, Glendale
Website: www.thesweetstruck.com
Truck Model: 2007 GMC Workhorse
Average Meal: $4-6
Twitter: @TheSweetsTruck

This mobile bakeshop and gourmet coffee house is loaded up each day with nostalgic candy, goodies from L.A.'s top pastry chefs and The Sweets Truck's own signature treats—cookies with Belgian dark chocolate chips, moist cupcakes, and the aptly-named “crack bar.” This is a “cold truck” with nothing actually cooked on site, so sweets connoisseur Molly Taylor handpicks items from Cookie Casa, Madame Chocolat, Xtreme Desserts and Sweet Riot, among others. Though the menu changes, most items run around $3 and you can depend on creamy red velvet whoopee pies, a variety of delectable mini-cakes and chocolate-packed brownies. The always-popular cake pops feature a golf-ball-sized piece of cake dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Our hands-down favorite treat is the “crack bar,” a chocolate chip fudge brownie with crushed Oreo crust, that could easily land you in dessert rehab. Strong espresso roasted by Jones Coffee in Pasadena compliments nearly everything this calorie-packed truck has to offer.

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