27. Komodo

Cuisine: French/Asian Fusion
Frequented Locations: Downtown, Santa Monica, Eagle Rock
Website: komodofood.com
Truck Model: 2007 Workhorse VN
Average Meal: $7-10
Twitter: @komodofood

Chef Erwin Tjahyadi, a Le Cordon Bleu grad and former Wolfgang Puck apprentice, mixes traditional French cuisine with various Asian fusion influences. All of the truck's entrees are available as tacos ($3 each) or burritos ($8). Blazin' Shrimp (supremely fiery Singaporean-style shrimp with sour cream salad and cilantro) and Java (shredded pork with Indonesian seasoning and a fresh cucumber salad) top our list of favorites. While still delicious as burritos, both of the above are better as open-faced tacos: the simple format allows for just the right melding of interesting flavors. Since the delicious truffle fries run a hefty $5, go for The Deadly Combo: two tacos, truffle fries, and a soda for $10.

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