11. Fry Smith

Cuisine: American
Frequented Locations: Beverly Hills, Burbank, Calabases
Website: eatfrysmith.com
Truck Model: 1991 Chevrolet P30 (modified diesel engine, runs on recycled fry oil)
Average Meal: $8-11
Twitter: @frysmithlatkes

The husband-and-wife duo behind Frysmith, Erik Cho and Brook Howell, reject the notion of french fries as side-dish-only food, serving them as $8-9 entrees at their tasty truck. A plate of hand-cut Kennebec fries comes covered in a variety of toppings, like all-beef chili flavored with chocolate and beer, or kimchi and heirloom pork under gooey cheddar cheese. Perhaps not the obvious choice, the Rajas Fries were recommended to us by a loyal patron, and we couldn't have been happier with the charred poblano chiles, browned onions, and grilled beef over crunchy fries. Once you've worked your way through the menu, start back at the beginning, this time ordering all the dishes with sweet potato fries, now available for an extra $1.