13. Auntie's Fry Bread

Cuisine: Fusion/Native American
Frequented Locations: Marina Del Ray, West Hollywood, Alhambra
Website: auntiesfrybread.com
Truck Model: 1986 Grumman Olson (AKA "Bertha")
Average Meal: $7-9
Twitter: @auntiesfrybread

Fry Bread, a light and fluffy Native American staple, is homemade and cooked to order at this one-of-a-kind truck. Chef and co-owner Kate Kayama uses a 60-year-old family recipe for her fry bread, a popular street treat in her home state of Montana. Auntie's fry bread comes “loaded” with beef and bean chili; BBQ beef; ranch chicken; veggie style with squash, corn and potatoes; or as a dessert with honey and powdered sugar. It is available in two sizes, 8-inch regular ($6.50-7) and 3-inch sliders ($2.50). For $6.50, you can mix and match any three sliders, a great option if you want to sample a handful of varieties. The generous portion of meat on the BBQ beef “Hunter” is tender and tangy. The “Original” with beef chili pairs perfectly with the light, fluffy bread.