15. Louks to Go

Cuisine: Greek
Frequented Locations: Westside Beach Towns, East L.A.
Website: loukstogo.com/
Truck Model: 2007 Workhorse
Average Meal: $9-12
Twitter: @LouksToGo

Owner Aki Vourakis, a first-generation Greek-American, features his favorite dishes from childhood trips to Greece. Short for loukomades, traditional Greek donut balls, Louks to Go turns out consistently great Greek fast food. The various gyros are deliciously greasy ($5) and impeccably complimented by the well-balanced tzatziki. Stand-out dishes on the large menu include the meat-packed, french-fry-filled Beef and Lamb Burrito Gyro ($7), addictively sweet Honey Feta Fries ($4), and Brioche bun Lamb Burger ($7). Any selection should be followed up with an order of the namesake Louks. We highly recommend the Peanut Butter Nutella version ($4), though the warm, fried dough pairs perfectly with every topping the truck offers.