17. Lardon

Cuisine: American
Frequented Locations: Santa Monica, Venice, Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Hollywood
Website: getyourlardon.com
Truck Model: 1989 Grumman Olsen Kurbmaster (AKA "Boss Hogg")
Average Meal: $7-10
Twitter: @getyourlardon

Heather and Jeremiah Crowley, a native Angeleno and transplant New Yorker, cook hundreds of pounds of artisanal bacon a week for Lardon, a food truck dedicated to the fat kid in all of us who just wants to “get his lard on.” Always on the lookout for new types of bacon and innovative uses for the ingredient, the Crowley's menu features bacon-centric meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The brioche French toast sandwich filled with crumbled bacon ($5.50) will leave you content and wishing the bacon-bourbon maple syrup it's covered in was on absolutely everything. The St. Agur blue cheese and peppered bacon on the signature BLT ($6) spruces up the tried and true, while “the baco” is totally unique, with potatoes and cheddar in a crisp bacon shell ($4). If you haven't had a heart attack by the end of the meal, enjoy a brownie topped with bacon-flavored Nutella spread ($3.50).