21. Lomo Arigato

Cuisine: Peruvian/Japanese
Frequented Locations: Torrance, Marina Del Ray, Downtown
Website: www.lomoarigato.com
Truck Model: Workhorse
Average Meal: $8-10
Twitter: @lomoarigato

Pretty much a one-man show that's driven, staffed, and cooked by Eric Nakata, Lomo Arigato combines Peruvian food with Japanese flavors to create dishes that are completely distinctive. The pride and joy of the menu is a Peruvian staple called Saltado, meat stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, french fries, and cilantro, and a soy and red wine sauce served with a side of white rice ($7-8). If the addition of french fries feels off, you can order your saltado with spaghetti or fried rice instead. The especially addictive creamy jalapeno "aji" sauce that's served on the side will be the key ingredient to whichever version you choose. We'd put the topping on everything from burgers to pancakes, were it commercially available. While the generously portioned saltado is what Lomo Arigato is known for and what we recommend, weekly specials are offered as well.

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