1. Pedro Martinez

Birthplace: Manoguayabo
Years: 1992-2009
Team(s): Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies
Record: 219-100
Career Era: 2.93

Not merely the best Dominican pitcher of all time, Martinez was, in the two-year span 1999-2000, the best pitcher in the history of the sport. The numbers he put up at various points in his career—300 strikeout seasons (as in plural), sub-2.00 ERA seasons (as in plural), sub-1.00 WHIP seasons (you get the picture)—are bananas, but even they don't accurately describe what an artist Pedro was on the mound. Dude had multiple perfect games ruined because he hit batters (he did pitch nine perfect innings once, but the game went to extras, and he hit Reggie Sanders so hard in the first of those almost-perfectos that Sanders charged the mound thinking Pedro had hit him on purpose), won the 1999 ALDS for the Red Sox pitching in relief using only his curveball, and might go down as the only pitcher to ever justify a mega-bucks 6-year contract.

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