2012 VRSCDX Night Rod Special
Displacement: 1,250 cc
Engine: Liquid-cooled, Revolution 60° V-Twin
Fuel Consumption: 37 mpg
Price as Tested: $15,299

Rolling out from a recently flooded garage, Harley’s 2012 VRSCDX Night Rod Special turned over with the push of a button. I was impressed, only to smile upon hearing the rattle and unmistakable hum of this all-American beast hiding in black sheep's clothing. The latest iteration of the V-Rod is nothing short of a Yakuza dragon with a Harley logo on it. Zero fat. Lean muscle. Long and strong. Definitely not your grandaddy's iron horse. 

Engineered and designed with the help of Porsche, the Night Rod is the newest model in Harley's recent line of blacked-out custom bikes, which are meant for the outlaw in all of us. Hopping on it, you feel stretched out, if not hunched over. Get it on the road and your form catches up quickly with its deft maneuvering, low slung posture, and aggressive engineering. Sons of Anarchy style. Make no mistake, the Night Rod lets you know it still has the heart and soul of a Harley when you crack that throttle, so hold fast and ride hard. 

The Night Rod Special is a great hot rod of a bike, a boulevard cruiser with big balls.