When: December 10, 2008

What Happened: 33 point quarter v. Minnesota Timberwolves

An impeccable mid range game, effortless accuracy from deep, fluid as any pivot in the post and absolutely lethal in the open court. Carmelo Anthony’s name is frequently mentioned when discussing the league’s most versatile scorers. The Minnesota Timberwolves certainly heard his name plenty on this night. 12-15 from the floor along with a few successful trips to the free throw line, Melo turned the third quarter of this contest into a game of Pop-A-Shot, practically daring defenders to stop him and even taking requests from the local broadcasters. In just 12 minutes of play, Anthony scored 33 points, tying George Gervin’s 30 year old record and putting the game out of reach. Lockout or not, it might be quite a while before we see another performance like this again.