In an attempt to find out which players are most injury prone, an undiclosed Premiere League club has administered DNA testing to its players. According to Yale geneticist Marios Kambouris, "there were good genes, things positively affecting performance, such as better aerobic respiration, giving them more stamina."

The tests are based on tendon rupture studies at the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine in London and are intended to help manage injury risk to star players. This whole idea got us thinking, what are they actually going to do with the results? Are they going to prevent injury prone players from getting out onto the pitch? What good is that going to do? Are they going to limit the time of the players, even if they are the best on the team? If they had done this in the NBA, Yao Ming never would have played a single minute! Sorry Yao, you're amazing, but we're afraid you might get hurt because your body is way to big for your feet to handle, so go sit on that bench. Besides, this is soccer we're talking about. It's not like we ever know when the injuries are real or fake in the first place. [via Mirror Football]

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