Detroit native and co-founder of Shady Records, co-producer of Shade 45, and head of Goliath Artists, Paul Rosenberg was thrust into Detroit Lions fandom just in time to live through one of the darkest periods any professional sports organization has ever experienced. With the Lions 4-0 this year, and playing the biggest game in Detroit in 20 years tonight against the Bears, we spoke with Paul about his tenure as a Lions fan over the years.

"My earliest memory as a Lions fan was probably with QB Gary Danielson and his 5-touchdown game against the Vikings in 1978. I was only 7, but I remember it being a big deal and getting national coverage."

"The Lions weren't a historically bad team in the pre-Super Bowl era. In fact, they won 4 World Championships in the '50's. Most of their losing records, their failure to make it to the playoffs, their losing playoff games, and never appearing in a Super Bowl happened during my lifetime. So I lived it rather than learned it.

"I got my heart broken by the Lions too many times to count. But, when I started to root for the Giants was during the '07 season when the Lions started 6-2 and went on to lose 7 of their next 8 games. It was my "ok, I gotta figure out another way to be happy as a fan" moment. Thankfully it was prior to their 0-16 season in '08. That would have just been too painful. I had lived in New York for 12 years or so at that point so it was a natural and justified transition. I obviously still have a special place in my heart for the Lions, but this was a defense mechanism for sure. I couldn't take it anymore."