By now, we're assuming you know that the Yankees lost to the Tigers last night and subsequently got knocked out of the playoffs. But, do you know why they lost? A-Rod They played a little too tight. Seriously. If they would've loosened up even just a little at the start of the game, they probably would be sitting at home waiting for the Rangers to fly to New York right now instead of trying to explain how they let a $200 million payroll go to waste.

Don't expect that to happen to the Brewers tonight when they take the field for their Game 5 matchup against the Diamondbacks. As you can clearly see from this Dan LeBatard interview with the Brew Crew's center fielder Nyjer Morgan yesterday, nerves aren't going to get the best of him. And when you've got this guy in your clubhouse, is anyone going to be tight? Um, probably not.

But, yo, real talk: WTF is wrong with you, dude? LMAO. right about now, we'd like a sip of whatever it is you're sippin' on these days. [via Deadspin]