This is awesome. Every year, The National Fantasy Baseball Championship attracts hundreds of rich guys willing to pony up $1400 to enter an exclusive fantasy league that features a big payout at the end. With that in mind, the last guy you'd expect to walk away with the 'chip would have to be Lindy Hinkelman, a 59-year-old pig farmer from Idaho. Yet, Hinkelman has won the NFBC title not once, but twice since 2009 and won more than $300,000 as a result. He also provided this absolutely incredible quote recently about how he's been able to do it.

"Raising pigs and this baseball thing really go together," he said, seemingly with a straight face. "There are certain things in farming: keeping track of productivity, indexes for your sows, the genetic lines there. To do well, you've got to be pretty proficient in numbers. Math has always been my strong suit. I can see things with the numbers."

Ayo, the next time your girl tries to tell you your fantasy team is a waste of time, show her a picture of this guy. If he can do it, so can you. [via New York Times]