When you're arguably the best soccer player in the world, it has to be hard going anywhere without getting mobbed. But, at least if you're going out in public, you can find ways to avoid the crush of crazy fans. What happens if you're stuck in, say, an airplane where there's really nowhere to hide?

Well, if you're Lionel Messi, you get to ride shotgun with the pilot. That's what happened recently when Messi caught a commercial flight with several of his teammates and coaches following a match between Argentina and Venezuela. Although flight attendants tried to usher Messi onto the plane last after the plane's lights had been shut off so that no one would see him, he immediately caught the eye of several rabid soccer fans who wanted to take pictures with him. As a result, the crew had to escort him up to the very front of the plane where he spent a portion of the flight—you guessed it—kicking it in the cockpit.

That's what you get for flying commercial, son! [via Dirty Tackle]