Is LeBron James preparing for something that we don't know about? A few weeks ago, he was spotted out in New York City playing flag football. Yesterday, he took things to the next level by putting on full pads and practicing with his former high school's football team.

"He wore everything," said St. Vincent-St. Mary High School running back Sae'Von Fitzgerald. "Shoulder pads, helmet, visor...everything. Our defensive backs were allowed to jam him at the line of scrimmage. But he took no contact after that. Coach said we shouldn't tackle him."

Hmmm...What's next, Bron-Bron? Running routes with the Ohio State University team? Fielding punts for the Cleveland Browns? Catching bombs from Michael Vick? Hey, you've got nothing but time these days thanks to the NBA lockout. Might as well use it to do something, right? [via FOX 8 Cleveland]