It's no secret that we think Joe Buck is annoying. And we're not alone. Millions of sports fans all over the country cringe every time they hear that Buck is broadcasting one of the games they're about to watch. It seems Buck is well aware of his public perception, too. So before the start of the Cardinals/Rangers matchup in Game 1 of the World Series, Buck apologized to all those people out there who have had to sit through Buck's World Series broadcasts for the last 14 years...

"For the fourteen years," Buck said at the top of the broadcast, "I'd like to say to you, the viewing public, sorry!

Okay, so we're pretty sure that was just Joe being sarcastic and, thus, more annoying. But, hey: We'll take it. We accept your apology, sir, and we respect the fact that you realize just how annoying you can be. [via Awful Announcing]

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