There are some things that every person should just know: How to shotgun a beer, how to cook pasta, how to do laundry, and importantly, how to jump a car. You know your car is going to die sooner or later. Whether you couldn't close the trunk because your hands were full with groceries, you forgot to close the visor mirror after checking yourself out, or you locked your keys in your car after gettin' jiggy with it in the back seat, your car will die at some point in your life. 

When this does happen, and you require another person's car for assistance, remember this: Red to red and black to black. Don't forget and pay attention! In the scary event pictured, something got mixed up and wires crossed, causing the battery to catch fire and incinerate the rest of the engine. Nobody was hurt, but you can bet that car will not be running any time soon. 

[via Jalopnik]