Date: 2007-2010
Talk of Brett Favre retiring first began at the end of the 2006 season when then 36-year-old QB admitted he wasn't sure if he would return for another year. He came back for another season but then, on March 4, 2008, Favre tearfully announced his retirement. Only four months later, Favre publicly announced his desire to comeback and said that he was pressured into retirement by the Packers' front office. He was reinstated and later signed with the Jets for the 2008 season. After missing the playoffs with the Jets, Favre once again retired in February of 2009. But by August of '09 he was signed with the Minnesota Vikings. After taking the Vikings to the NFC Championship, speculation of Favre's return or retirement continued to swirl until he made his return official in August 2010. He came back for a lackluster season which ended in injury in December 2010. Talk over his comeback for 2011 still looms. Yup.