The Falcons beat the Lions today, but in addition to fighting for position in the NFC South, Atlanta may have had revenge on its mind as well. According to several Atlanta players, Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril taunted Falcons QB Matt Ryan while he was laying on the turf injured, saying "Get the cart" among other things. Wide receiver Roddy White said: "I lost a whole lot of respect for 90 [Suh] today, and also 92 [Avril] the [bleep] they were doing when Matt got hurt. That was unacceptable. … Like 92 was kicking [Ryan's] feet, saying, 'Get him off the field.' We don't do stuff like that. We don't rally over guys when they get hurt. It was just inappropriate behavior. I mean, 'Get the cart'? Are you serious? Come on. When you compete, you never want to see a guy get hurt."

Suh didn't comment directly on the allegations, and Avril tweeted that he "would never taunt anyone on an injury." The playoffs are still two months away, and we wouldn't mind seeing a rematch of this tilt when they arrive. [via Shutdown Corner]