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Wow. It's been a rough week for Terrell Owens. First, no NFL scouts showed up to a public workout he held earlier in the week in an attempt to get signed to an NFL roster this season. Now comes the news that dude might have actually tried to end his life earlier this month. TMZ just obtained a 911 call made by TO's assistant on October 6 in which she tells a dispatcher that "her boss" needs an ambulance due to a possible prescription pill overdose.

"Was this a suicide attempt?" the dispatcher asks at one point.

"Yes, I believe so," she replies. 

TO hasn't commented on the incident yet. But, back in 2006, he went through a similar situation in which he had to be hospitalized after reportedly taking a large number of prescription pills. So, do you think TO really tried to end his life recently? Take a listen to the call below. [via TMZ]