For the most part, Derrick Rose has kept his nose clean during his time in the NBA. In fact, the only time his name seems to come up in the news for anything other than destroying NBA point guards is when someone else drags his name into something. Case in point: The fight that took place at his MVP party in Chicago in June. And it looks like that troubling trend has struck again.

Last night, the Chicago Bulls point guard's personal assistant/BFF Randall Hampton got popped for DUI in Los Angeles—with D-Rose in the car. Hampton was pulled over at 2AM on Friday morning for a routine traffic stop when police detected alcohol on his breath and dragged him down to the Hollywood police station to book him on DUI charges. Rose was free to go, but he made his way down to the station, too, to check on his friend and of course TMZ was there to capture it on tape. The timing of this couldn't be worse with Rose releasing his new Adidas adiZero Rose 2 sneaker recently.

You better take a closer look at who you roll with, D. Because while you haven't gotten into any real trouble since entering the NBA, we can't say the same for the folks around you. [via TMZ]