Derrick Rose has a message for all 32 NBA owners: No more Mr. Nice Guy! Although last year's NBA MVP is, by all accounts, a pretty nice guy off the basketball court, he didn't have many kind words recently when he was asked about whether the players or owners deserve to be blamed for the NBA lockout. In fact, what he had to say was downright mean.

"It's sad," he told ESPN. "It's very sad. Everybody knows it's not our fault. It's definitely not our fault. If it were up to us, we'd be out there playing. But I think that it's wrong. I think [the owners] can easily take care of it and not take advantage of people. But I guess that's how people are...[The owners are] not thinking about anything we're saying. They're not taking it into consideration, nothing that we're trying to give them. We'll just have to see how it goes."

Damn. Even Derrick Rose is unhappy with the owners? We know some of this is stuff that he has to say as a member of the NBA players association. But if the owners have done enough to the players to get D-Rose pissed off, we're probably in for a looooooong lockout, folks. Maybe these will help make it better? [via ESPN]