To be fair, everyone was slandering Tony Romo yesterday afternoon, last night, and early this morning on sports talk radio shows across the country. While the Dallas QB was busy giving his boss the cold shoulder during the end of yesterday's game, legions of Cowboy fans, football fanatics, and just about anyone with a pulse was busy making jokes about Romo and dragging his name through the mud. But one guy was particularly hard on the guy who single-handedly helped the 'Boys blow a 27-3 lead against the Detroit Lions yesterday—Deion Sanders.

"The Cowboys are about to blow this 1," Sanders wrote on Twitter late yesterday, "or should we say their qb threw this 1 to the other team. Romo Romo Romo...Romo I'm getting off this emotional roller coaster. I'm done! Truth."

Damn, Prime Time. The truth hurts. And so does that slander. Someone check on Romo for us this morning, please. [via Twitter]