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And the survey says...DING! The number-one reason an NBA superstar would sign up to appear on Family Feud in early November is because of complete and total boredom due to the NBA lockout! Seriously, though, why else are Chris Paul, his brother C.J., his dad Charles, his mom Robin, and his aunt Rhonda scheduled to appear on an episode of "The Feud" hosted by Steve Harvey on Tuesday afternoon? Sure, it's for a great cause—any proceeds won by the Paul family will be donated to the CP3 Foundation—but doesn't this sound like another case of an NBA player succumbing to the boredom brought about by the lockout?

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, CP3 wasn't asked by the Feud producers to make an appearance. Rather, he applied and auditioned for it by calling the show's contestant hotline just like everybody else. Though, we're sure those same producers were more than willing to stick an NBA player in the spotlight. [via The Times-Picayune]